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How smart you are?
How smart is your friend?

Get the newest way to find your Intelligence Quotient.

IQ Levels:

~ Over 140: Genius or almost genius
~ 120 - 140:...
This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true night vision functionality.

Do you want to see when dark?

Try the new iNight Vision HD App that...
? Create your own movies and add Hollywood Special Effects such as:

? A building demolition.
? A car being crashed.
? A nuclear mushroom explosion.
? Dinosaur attacking...
Do you need to know how much gas is needed between 2 locations? or how many calories you burn between 2 locations?

This app tracks the distance between 2 points and displays the results in...
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
?Enjoy today FREE, regular price $1.99 !!!!! ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Tired of conventional SMS/text...
? Create very delicious snow cones with your favorite flavors.

Share them using Email, Facebook, Twitter and more.

? Open the ice bag.
? Turn on the machine....
Looking for some Coffee to light up your day?

Enjoy your choice of selected kinds of coffee: Expresso, Late, Cappuccino, Hot, Cold, you name it.

Select if you wish milk,...
Do you need to measure angles?
What about a pocket protractor?

The Camera Protractor helps you measure angles just by pointing the camera to the desired spot, and sliding the finger to...
Keep losing your best recipes?
it's hard to keep track of all recipes from many books?

iRecipe is your best bet.

Keep all your recipes in one app.

Make your favorite soda with this awesome fountain machine.

Fun Steps to make your soft drink:

1. Add a base.

2. Add gas.

3. Choose a cup.

App that reminds you of the closest birthdays coming up. It will send the user a notification. You can keep special information such as: Name of the person, birth date, reminder time, comments and...
Keep all needed information about your patients on this app, such as:

* Patient name.
* Contact information.
* Medical data.
* Health history.

Universal App...
Are you pregnant?

Have a baby book?

Try our new baby book for many babies with the following features:

* Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
You wonder where is the cheapest gas station?

Try the new iGas Finder HD App and enjoy the following features:

* Find the closest gas stations to you or any custom location...
Did you ever travelled in a fast train? what about a sonic train?

Adventure game to help John get the Sonic Train. Lot's of danger on the way. Be aware. Time is short.

Learn how to write Hebrew, just select a letter and it will help you practice writing the Aleph bet.

You can get hints, go back, or go next.

Universal App good for iPad and...
State of the Art Magnifying Glass and Magnifying Mirror designed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Also great like binoculars and as a mini-telescope.

Great for...
Most advanced translator with the top 30 most popular languages worldwide.

Feature Highlights:

✔ Option to copy+paste content from the app itself.
✔ Hi-tech translation...
Make a collage of all your selected pictures into one.

You can move, rotate and change the size of the pictures within the collage.

You can save the collage or share it by email...
Educational Game to teach students to balance equations from chemical reactions.

Please see the sample screenshots.

Universal App good for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.
Bored of listening the same ringtones over and over?

Would you like to make your own ringtones?

State of the Art iRingTone Maker HD App.

Exclusively designed for...
Add a custom made Tattoo into your pictures, making you look as if you have a Tattoo on your skin.

Share your photos using Facebook, Twitter, Email and more.

Use amazing tools...
Create group mail contacts easy, so you can send email from any mail app.

Just select the desired contacts, a group name, and ready to send!

To send email just select the new...
Medicine & Vitamins Reminder App that sends you notifications when is the time to take a medication or you can see the summary on the app.


1. A picture of the needed...
Advanced Type When Moving App with Torch for dark places.

This app help you to keep writing while you walk safely. While typing you can still see the floor for obstacles and then share...