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VisualMap was removed
Thanks for the positive reviews. Please use the getsatisfaction support url to ask me a question! ....Having trouble managing your todo lists? You need Bon to help you out. Focus on the 5 most...
R8 - give your photos a rating and share on Facebook, Twiter or Email was removed
MapStacks was removed
Simple expenses - a great tool to just store your expense lists and then email them to yourself or colleagues as a comma delimited file ready to import into your favourite spreadsheet. That's it...
QuickAddress was removed
MultiApp was removed
Sky Filter - add colour to landscape skies. was removed
Lou was removed
Version 3.0 NEW VERSION

Count your team members scores or anything...or any multiple items..all stored in a table is up to you!

Version 2.0

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myStickyBig was removed
Want to reduce your email sending speeds by 50% or more? Fed up of having to check for mail every time you want to send an more - Quick Send is here.

Open the app - send an...