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Brain Shaker is the game that requires only pen and paper in the real world. It's exactly the type of game students endlessly play during boring classes.

Now you need only your mobile...
This game is simple but challenging.

Just guess what you see on the radar.
Think it's easy?
Try first! :)
The Poker was removed
The best available replica of famous USSR console game “Nu, Pogodi!” (“Just You Wait!”).

Autosave on exit.
Why start over again?
Just resume your...
Behold the classics of strategic board games!
Master the battlefield and capture the flag!

The rules are simple - line up your army and do your best to capture enemy's flag.
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payrate@au was removed
Popular 2048 game with lots of options.
- Board size from 2x2 to 6x5
- Various themes: power of 2, particles physics, alphabet, emoji