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"New pretender to the World War 2 throne makes good." - gamezebo.com

"The amount of Campaigns, Strong AI, and variety of modes makes this an easy recommend." -...
Birds On A Wire Free was removed
Protoxide: Corrida Mortal Lite was removed
"It’s a great strategy game. I’d recommend this to RTS and RPG lovers alike." - AppAdvice
"One of the "5 winning games for tablets" - New York Times, July 2011

"Majesty: The Fantasy...
Scrubs Free was removed
Папины дочки 2 Lite was removed
Majesty: The Northern Expansion Free was removed
Like Majesty series? Check out its newly launched add-on Majesty: The Northern Expansion!

"It’s a great strategy game. I’d recommend this to RTS and RPG lovers alike." - AppAdvice...
Protoxide: Death Race was removed
“Gibbets 2 is a fun, fast-paced puzzler” – 148apps.com

“Gibbets 2 is as fun and intriguing as it is dark”, Bronze Award – Pocket Gamer

Tired of always losing at Hangman? Now...
Valentine's Day SALE! 70% OFF!

4.5/5, "If you’re looking for an excellent Sim game for your iDevices, check out Majesty: Northern Expansion" – MacTrast.com

"Majesty: The Northern...
Scrubs was removed
Неугомонные представительницы семейства Васнецовых снова с вами! Вместе со всеми своими весёлыми заботами, забавными происшествиями и хлопотами они покинули телевизионные экраны, чтобы перебраться...
You'll have a chirping good time helping the birds escape from the evil witch's spell in this Zuma style arcade puzzler.

The cute and colourful birds are walking in a trance to their doom...
Cuboid: 3D Puzzle Game was removed
Dragon's Lore was removed
Boulder Dash®-XL™ was removed
Мяч и Магия: Волшебный Арканоид was removed
Gibbets 2 Free was removed
Magic Orbz Free was removed
Magic Orbz was removed
Мяч и Магия: Волшебный Арканоид Free was removed
Wordshift Academy: word puzzle was removed
"The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure" is a colourful fairy-tale world where huge dragons, wise magicians, kind monsters and peculiar plants live. You are to help the young heiress to accede to...
Help! The Kikoriki have decided to join TV superstar Lucien in his quest to vanquish evil. But joining the ranks of superheroes takes hard work. Could you give the Kikoriki a hand?