Giacomo Balli Published Applications :

Ever wondered where the cell phone towers are located in your neighborhood?
Now they are all unveiled!
"It's like Shazam when a song is not playing!" - F.D.

We all know the famous application that let’s you find out title and artist of a song that is playing but what happens when the song...
Includes Barcode scanner to make adding books super fast!

"The ideal repository for book recommendations gathered from friends, reviews, and other sources, the app will locate the actual...
The largest collection of arguments made by those who do not believe in global warming.

Now you will have FACTS to answer appropriately.
Tutti abbiamo avuto dei dubbi riguardo la nostra grammatica.
Spesso comunemente si dice una cosa che è sbagliata.
Grazie a questa app tutto sarà chiarito, o almeno 994 dei più...
La prima ed unica applicazione iPhone per chi ama la Versilia (Forte dei Marmi, Marina di Pietrasanta, Lido di Camaiore, Viareggio ecc) o vi si reca e vuole essere sicuro di avere consigli veri,...
Applicazione sviluppata per il concorso OpenApp Lombardia, patrocinato dalla regione con molti sponsor.
I contenuti sono gestiti direttamente dai server della regione.

The first coin toss game in the AppStore, you gotta try it!

"The most addictive game I tried!" - S.B.

Feature Highlights:
* free initial stash
* beautiful graphics that...
Ever wondered where they might be admiring the sunrise or sunset?

Which part of the globe is currently in the dark?
What about the moon?!
★ #1 App in 4 countries ★
★ Top 5 in 10 countries ★
★ Top 100 in 40 countries ★

La guida completa di tutte le figurine dei Gormiti!
Find out where lightning struck
and the speed of sound for your location based on weather conditions!

You know how it is - a thunderstorm is approaching, and suddenly you...
★ Featured by Apple in What's Hot ★
★ Top 5 in 7 countries ★
★ Top 100 in 38 countries ★

Ever wondered how to know if the Rolex you just bought is actually...
With this app you will be able to set your routines (including rest) and keep you motivated while hitting the heavy bag.

In addition, you can enable the coach option and will be...
★ Featured in What's Hot in 94 Countries ★
★ Top 10 in Italia ★
Siete allergici al polline? Sapete che tipo di polline?

Volete conoscere la concentrazione nell'aria in questi...
Learn how to forecast the weather using teachings from old sailors and farmers.
Grazie a questa utilissima applicazione potrete condividere la vostra posizione con chi vorrete.
SonoQui sfrutta infatti il GPS presente nel vostro dispositivo 3G per ottenere le vostre...
All the tricks from every episode of the series.

With every recipe there are details about the relative episode including air date and summary.
This app will allow you to live the life you wish!

Here's how:
The improtance of having a routine is no secret. This is especially true if you work primarily at the computer or...
All the secrets to properly matching a tie to your suit and shirt.

Let's face to some of us this is still a "mysterious" field.
Not anymore! Show off your new skills!
★ Featured by Apple in What's Hot ★
★ #2 App in Italy ★
★ Top 100 in 8 countries ★

We're in 2011 and it's time to forget old ways of taking orders. Selling goods at fairs is one...
Always keep the latest releases in your pocket.
This "no fuss" application will do precisely what it says it does: provide the latest releases regarding dvd and blueray movies, series...
This is the lite version of PV Master and therefore only displays 30% of the available data and the calculators (battery and panel qty) are not included.

This is an application for...
Remember: only letter "A" is unlocked by default.
There is an inapp purchase to unlock all the other sections at once (letters, objects, aniamls, shapes etc).

"Very helpful app!" - Jay...
Thanks to this app you will be able to fix many annoyances within your address book.

Often, when you sync with other devices or software, certain fields are not respected o are randomly...
JoySey Shore Florence
This season JoySey Shore is coming to Italy!
Now you can be a paparazzo and know all their sightings and share your own.

Be part of this unique moment in...