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To celebrate Mr.Runner's over 4 million downloads, we are presenting Mr.Runner PLUS now!

A brand new game exceeding your expectations.

Turn App Store into a quiz game! 200+ icons waiting for you to play!

Bet you know the correct answer at a glance? Pledge some tokens, empty your pocket, and unlock more...
Download now and get San Francisco Mode ($0.99) for FREE!!

To celebrate Mr.Runner's over 4.5 million downloads, here's the huge update for all Mr.Runner...
******New in version 1.3*******
- Added new levels
- Updated new sound effects
- Slightly adjusted the difficulties
- Fixed minor bugs
- Added the trailer of the new...
From the developer who brought you the insanely difficult "Professional Police Training", featured on the Apps Store!

Full version is available...
From the developer of Apple featured app Professional Police Training.

Have you ever tasted the living bugs? Or dare you? Here comes a chance to challenge your...
***** The most chanllenging tap-shooting game on the iPhone and iTouch ******

P.P.T., abbr. for Professional Police Training, is a challenging and intensive shooting game. It's simple,...
Premiere Sale!Free for a limited time.

From the developer of No.1 Top Free app Mr.Runner and the Apple...
Major updates. Shoot like Morpheus in Matrix? Free Glock 18c only today!!

What's new:
*All modes now are FREE to unlock!
*All levels can be unlocked with 90% discount!
Anyone who dares to even glimpse on my gold, waiting for you are endless collisions, bone crushing explosions, inferno flame and freezing ice -- I will destroy you using all means! Dare not to...
Now you can have a "handcuff" in your pocket just like the police. iHandcuff is a simple tool to simulate the real handcuff. You can tilt your iPhone or iPod touch to play with and also can swing...
Pro. Police Training 2 Elite was removed
Melody Match ---------------- $2.99
Battle Zone 1942 ------------- $0.99
Professional Police Training - $0.99
Yummy Bugs Deluxe -------- $3.99

Total $8.96
*Quality Index's Top 10 games list of April 2013*
*The sequel to over 5 million download 'Mr. Runner'*

▶ "Overwhelms, impresses, and entertains" - Pocket Gamer
▶ "It...
Mr. Runner 2: The Masks was removed
Mr. Runner 2: Final Rush was removed
HELP! HELP! 'OLD' Mac Donald's farm has been infested by cute but annoying moles! Grab your hammer, save the farm and your animal friends!