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캣타운 for Kakao was removed
Card Guardians for Kakao was removed
클레이랜드 for Kakao was removed
히어로마스터 for Kakao was removed
좀비하자드 for Kakao was removed
An innovative social network RPG!

Collect history's greatest warriors and battle them for glory!

• Recruit legendary warriors from the past!
• Discover heroes from...
Our magical globe needs a new chef!
Join Ceylon's journey in Chef de Bubble!!

Fill the globe with delicious aromas by creating a variety of culinary creations!
Listen carefully to...
비밀의레시피 for Kakao was removed
끝없는 전쟁의 비밀을 풀수 있는 단 한사람, 별의 운명을 타고난 자여!!!
200여명의 동료들과 함께 모험을 시작하라!

우리의 모험이 전설이 되는곳
판타지모험 RPG 별이되어라! for Kakao
■ 감성충만 판타지 모험속으로!
글로벌 no.1 RPG 제노니아 시리즈의 최신작이 돌아왔다!
1,000만 제노니안이여, 기다림은 끝났다.
이제는 라이브 매치다!
Alive Action RPG 제노니아 온라인 for Kakao

한국 1,000만, 전세계 4,000만 유저가 인정한 글로벌 대표...
Akasha. was removed
리얼에 리얼을 더하다! 이사만루2014 KBO

당신이 기다리던 진짜 야구 게임!
그라운드의 위의 모든 작전과 모션은 현실이 된다!
이사만루2014 KBO로 리얼하게 즐겨라!!

[게임 특징]
* 당신이 알던 진짜 야구를 완성하다!
허구연 해설위원과 한명재 캐스터가 당신의 야구를...
이사만루 타격왕 for Kakao was removed
The ultimate mobile fantasy RPG!
Collect powerful Guardians and build alliances to raid the World Boss!

- Extract and collect the souls of legendary Guardians!
"It's.gonna.blow!!! Kritika Mobile, an explosive RPG action game at your finger tips!
Continuous, engaging action sequences with skills that jump off the screen!
Experience this fast and...
Sail the world and build a unique town!
Explore different parts of the world, trade for goods, harvest fruits and vegetables, and decorate your town!

- Grow...
Castle Fantasia was removed
Shatter the darkness!

A world swallowed by chaos and pandemonium. A knight cursed by a dragon's evil. Become a warrior and face the wrath of the Cursed Knight.

Journey into the...
Journey through Astoria and battle to become the most powerful hero!

Experience a full-scale hybrid strategy RPG. Collect and evolve Soul cards to make your personalized team! Train your...