Flup Co. Ltd. Published Applications :

When you can't make up your mind, this app may help you.

This app just only decides ONE from something 2, 4 or 8.
These options depend on you.

For example, to choice a...
This app shows numbers for a moment.
You have to remember these numbers and input them correctly.

If your answer is right, number of digits are increasing.
How many times can you...
This game test your remembrance.

At first, application will show you the answer that is lighting the button.
You should touch the exact button seen before.

If it is right,...
This app shows the stack of blocks.
You should count these blocks and input correct number.

If your answer is right, next question is shown.
Your chance is just only 30...
You can upload a photo based on a daily theme by this application.

For example, if today's theme is "SKY", all the user will upload a photo of various skies.

Let's enjoy sharing...
LocaTalk is an app that you can communicate with neighbors.

It's not like (closed) chat apps. When you post a message, it will reach all the near peoples using this app.

If no one...
This game is simple arithmetic puzzle.
Questions have an empty field which will be filled by operators (+,-,*,/).
Make number TEN by using 4 numbers and operators (+,-,*,/).

You have to answer in 90 seconds.
But if your answer is correct, the limited time will extend 20 seconds.

It is a KANJI learning app for foreigners.

When you start game, a question is appeared.
It is a meaning of the KANJI character.

If you understand an answer, write it by...
This app is very simple game.

You should calculate DOUBLE number of the displayed one.
If it corrects, you can get 100 points.
Otherwise, if your answer is wrong, you lost a...


While using the map, don't you think "there should be much more mark"?

OK, if you use this app, you can draw your own mark on a map!!


3万円分のポイントを狙え!儲かる懸賞ゲーム 〜福くる商店街〜 was removed