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* Number 1 music app in 50+ countries, including US, UK, Japan, Australia, and across Europe.
* 3 million Discovr users across the globe.
* Featured multiple times by Apple, including US,...
Discovr People - discover new people on Twitter was removed
★ Discovr Apps is a Number 1 app in 17 countries incl. US, Japan, Canada & Australia
★ More than 2.5 million users of DIscovr
★ Featured worldwide by Apple, Wall Street Journal, Billboard...
★ From the makers of the #1 app Discovr Music.
★ Now you can discover movies as well!
★ More than 2.5 million users of DIscovr overall

There are so many movies in the world...
Discovr Movies - discover new movies was removed
Discovr Music - discover new music was removed