Enjoyment team Published Applications :

This is smile camera.
It can change a picture in person using image processing,
facial expression in picture can always have smile.

* Note

1) You need to picture in...
It evaluate the degree of two people resemblance.
It measure the resemblance using face-detect and recognition.
You can use the camera or the photos.

It must be exist 2 or...
Poop have many colors and shapes.
you can check health depending on its color or shape .
Check out the color to change your health.

1) Match the target...
it is Photo App for image processing.
It's give to effect to your photos.
you can choose variety of effect fiters.
and save the result.

Editing Filter features:
current image in real time will change the Cartoon image.
And User can take picture of wanted scene.

★ Function.
- You can take a cartoon effect picture in real-time...
★ If you dragged in the direction of the touch of a hand, that part will be transformed!

★ You can take a picture,
or using pre-stored photos also.

★ using.

How can you ask her if she is vampire?
There is no need to worry.
It can detect Genetic characteristics of Vampire.

Vampire Detection Camera.

It is measured immediately...
It is app in image processing using fish-eye lens.
You can take a picture or the photos are stored in phone.
It is imitative of Night vision.
but it is not real function for military.
We want to have some fun with this app.
(Primary category of This app is Entertainment)

This is...
How many points is score of your beauty ?

This is a beauty measurement camera. it is measured by determining beauty.

It is measured immediately after the camera can take a...
Psychic Photo

You can make Psychic Photo using normal Photo. !!!

★ Using

1. select background picture. (background button)
2. select normal picture. (in album...
Description It is app in image processing using oil-paint effect lens.
You can take a picture or the photos are stored in phone.
Link Pipe Game!

you can rotate and connect each pipe,
pipe change blue line pipe in limit time.

linked line will disappear.
It evaluate the resemblance degree of persion and animal.
It measure the resemblance using face-detect and recognition.
You can use the camera or the photos.

If you load a...
★ How to use

1) Touch a button 'GO' in the title screen.
2) Choose possible stage in the second screen.
( At first, only start 1 stage )
You can start a next stage of...
Telescope Max 6x was removed
Game Features:

- Get score points by hitting 3 or more of the same type of ball.

- It is very easy to learn how to play it.

- designed 98 levels, from easy to...
It can measure love status using photo.
It is very simple game.
cheese is moved by mouse in house of red roof
You can not move house or tree
Upon completion of all missions, go to the next step.
It provide all of the...
처음에 어떤 직업을 가지느냐가 인생에 있어서 어떤 길을 갈것인지
결정하는 가장 중요한것임을 모르는이는 없죠.

그런데.... 반드시 돈많이 버는 직업이 좋은것만은 아니랍니다.
가장 중요한건 자신이 좋아하는 일을, 적성과 성격이 맞는 일을 하는것이죠

자신의 심리와 성격에 따라서 어떤 직업이 알맞는지 알아보는...
당신의 뇌의 성향은 어떤 쪽인가요?
좌뇌가 발달했느냐, 우뇌가 발달했느냐에 따라서
당신의 능력이 달라집니다.

뇌의 성향을 설문에 따라서 알아보고
각 뇌의 성향에 대한 지식과 뇌 개발을 위해 평상시의
생활방식에 대해서 알아봅니다.
여자 심리에 대한 질문과 답변 입니다
자신이 얼마나 사랑에 대해서 이성에 대해서 잘 알고 있는지
체크해 보는 어플입니다


1) 남자몸으로 아는 남자 마음
2) 스타일로 보는 남자 마음
3) 나의 이상적인 연인의 타입은
4) 나와 잘 어울리는 이성 타입은
5) 궁합이 맞는 이성 타입은
6) 연애에 성공하는...
남자 심리에 대한 질문 과 답변입니다.
여자의 입장에서 남자심리에 대한 질문과 답변을
너무 심각하게 생각하진 마시고
가볍게 봐주세요.
- feature
▶ Very Very simple game
▶ Simple Touch Operation

- 2way mode support
▶ 1 mode
you can moving drop and left or right at the same time.
select to move left or...