EDWARD Moyse Published Applications :

Combine the photos to make a word!

"This app is sick!", Ron Geremy

"5 Star - I'm all over that s***", Jenna Jamieson

Do you have an idea? Are you unsure as to whether it is a good idea or a bad idea? This is the app for you.

With a simple flick of your phone, you can quit your job/learn the guitar/become...
The songs have been reversed. Can you guess what they are?

Song Reverse Quiz is the incredible backward song-guessing game that will have you banging your head against your phone as you...
Guess the song based on the first 5 seconds! Guess The Intro is the ultimate music-guessing trivia app featuring: ************************************************
* 350 song intros for you to...
Think you know music? Guess The Band is the ultimate test of your music knowledge. Progress through the levels to unlock more music genres and some pretty darn tricky artists!
The song lyric quiz game ****************************************************

Highly critically acclaimed!

***** 5 Star
"Ooooh yeah" , Masmasams

***** 5 Star
Try to find the invisible cow in this audio hotter-or-colder game. The closer you are to the cow, the louder the cow. Make sure your audio is turned...
Follow other people, play games against them.

"I love it", my mum
The race against the clock is on. How long can you survive for?
Quiz In My Pants is the ultimate all-round quiz test.

- Logos Quiz
- Movies Quiz
- Country Quiz
- Many many more

What's your weak link? Are you smart enough to tackle...
Two celebrities faces have been combined. Can you un-combine them to work out who the celebrities are?

The back story:

Through an...
Wyre is the easiest way to pay a friend back or buy a coffee. Only available at Campus

- Top up your Wyre wallet at Campus,
- Buy coffee in the Campus cafe
- Payments made...