Digital Cheetah Solutions, Inc. Published Applications :

The AutoCAD 2011 Interactive Command Reference is a comprehensive companion reference for AutoCAD 2011.
Cheetah allows Digital Cheetah users access to your membership directory, GroupShare groups, activity feed, and personalized schedule. In addition, there is now full support for online and offline...
CheetahScan works with your Digital Cheetah Solution and the Linea-Pro iPhone/iPod scanner to provide event ticket scanning.

Attendees purchase their tickets online which emails them...
CheetahTrack works with your Digital Cheetah Solution and optionally the Linea-Pro iPhone, iPod or iPad scanners to enable attendance tracking for all of your events and shifts.
SeeingSpot allows registered SeeingSpot members to access their membership spots via their iPhone or iPod Touch.
CheetahSwipe works with your Digital Cheetah Solution and the Linea-Pro iPhone, iPod and iPad scanner to provide integrated batch management processing.
CheetahID is your ID badge for your Digital Cheetah solution. The QR code can be scanned in for attendance tracking when your organization is using the Linea-Pro scanner to check in members.
Event Registration is a tool to enroll students into the Autodesk Education Community remotely from events around the world.
Volunteer Connection allows an easy way to connect with other volunteers from the American Red Cross Regions to which you belong.