Digia Plc Published Applications :

Flowd was removed
Digia SmartTab Sales is a mobile CRM and sales application for Digia Enterprise ERP. With the application, the user can access ERP system data and transaction information in real time. The...
Steer away from torpedoes fired towards your boat, and drop bombs into the water to eliminate hostile submarines.
Play around with sand in a sandbox
Pixelator was removed
Worldwide weather forecasts.

Add your favorite cities and get the weather forecast for 10 days. You can also check out detailed conditions for a given day.
Take to the drivers seat of the Flying Bus.

The objective of the game is to get your bus to traverse obstacles by inflating and popping balloons to gain and loose altitude. Who needs...
The classic word game of Hangman now available for iOS. Do you have what it takes to save Hangman?
Qt 5 Everywhere makes you discover some exiting applications made with Qt 5.

Tap the floating devices to play games, watch movie trailers, listen to online radio, check RSS feeds, enjoy...
The official app for Qt Developer Days 2014.

The Qt Developer Days 2014 application gives you an overview of the conference, agenda, abstracts and venue information for the events in...