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Are you a busy parent caring for a child, aging parent, or other family member in need?

We can help you find a bit of sanity with all those appointments, practices, contacts, and...
CareZone Family News | Website, Blog, Guestbook to Update Family, Friends on a Life, Health Journey for a Loved One (Child, Spouse, Parent, Sibling, Grandparent) was removed
CareZone Baby | Photo Website, Blog, for Parents to Share, Update Family and Friends on Pregnancy, Newborn, Infant Child, Birth Announcement was removed
“I am a caregiver for my mother-in-law and CareZone is the best and most important app on my phone!!!” - Adele P.

“I am suggesting my patients and their families use CareZone to maintain...
Caring for an aging parent or adult with disabilities?

Easily manage medication schedules, coordinate with family, and connect with Institute on Aging’s team of gerontologists and other...
CareZone Child was removed
CareZone Medications is the leading doctor recommended app for helping you and your family manage medications and doctor’s instructions.

With lightning fast data entry and a powerful...
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CareZone Hope was removed
CareZone Alzheimer's was removed
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CareZone Parkinson's was removed
Groups by CareZone | Coordinate and Organize Group Members, Volunteers, and Support Circles was removed
AARP Rx will make sure you always have a current list of medications with you, help you follow doctor’s instructions, and provide you with a single place to organize important health...
If you’re caring for an aging parent or spouse, AARP Caregiving will help you organize important information, privately coordinate with family and caregivers, and make sure everyone is in the know...