Antonov Dmitry Published Applications :

Very simple game!
There are two types of ninjas - red and blue. Also there are two types of weapon. Red weapon is for red ninja and blue weapon is for blue one. Good hunt!
Line Jumper =)
There is another jumpers. Hit blue jumpers and avoid red ones.
Classic puzzle with numbers - sudoku!
Sudoku - number-placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 sub-grids that...
Puzzle bubble!

Tap combinations of 2 or more bubbles with the same color. The more bubbles in combinaton the more score you gain!
Snowboard racing!

Go along trace and be as fast as possible!
Puzzle with matches (free) was removed
Car extreme racing!!!

Choose speed as you wish and drive as fast as possible!
Bike racing!

Avoid bombs!

Jump and be fast)

Funny 2D game - very simple control! Note that the screenshot not from the game, this is a large icon.
Airplane racing!!!

Choose speed as you wish and drive as fast as possible!

Be exect and fast and make new records! :)
There is a choice at you every 30 second. To know safety way you have to destroy tank. Otherwise hope you godlike.
There is a funny game for children about little animals. Various appear from doghouses. Touch on them to increase your score. But attention: if you click on the squirrel the game is over.
Bike racing)

Jump to continue trace!

Funny 2D game! Very simple control!
Angry biker!!!

There are blue and red bikers. Kill blue bikers and avoid red ones!))

Note, that screenshots are not from the game, it's a large icon
Death Racing!

There are bombs and cars! Avoid them!
Hockey! Hockey! Hockey!

How could you estimate the power of the hockey player? This is a very difficult question… We decided to make it with the help of card value! Jack, Queen, Ace and...
Interesting facts about dinosaurs. Comparison of dinosaurs with other things: animals, peoples, cars etc.
The biggest, the smallest, the fastest dinosaur and other... Compare it!
Make your own gun!

There are various parts of gun. Choose them as you wish and make from them your own gun!
There are pictures with beautifulls girls and some mistakes. Find this mistakes!
This game is simulation of air battle. It gives you an opportunity to feel yourself as a fighter pilot. You will take part in amazing air battles. You have to drop enemy's planes, dodge from...
For funs of beer!

Run, jump and collect so many glasses of beer as you can!
Bike racing!

Unreal racing! To be safe you have to jump... Many times. And be careful - avoid bombs!!! =)

Funny 2D game - very simple control! Note that the screenshot is not...
There is amazing card play. It allows you to exam your memory and to train it. You have to remember the position of the cards and then open them one after another according their cards value. Be...
Hockey! Hockey! Hockey!
There are pucks in the playing field. They try to cross the borders of the field. Touch on them to not allow it. But remember: each time you touch on the puck appears...
New design of legend game.
New Year is coming. Santa Claus forgot about gifts. Help him to fill his bag!
The Jumper)

Jump from one island to another to live!