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That app everyone is meow'n about.
#CATWANG = instant awesome!

Catwang allows you to take photos of your friends and turn them into cats, wolves, donuts, monkeys, pizzas, zebras,...
"The #1 Unicorn App“

Love Unicorns? Wish your friends were unicorns?
Well now they can be!!!!

Introducing the Best Unicorn sticker app on iOS!
Add horns, sparkles,...
Introducing DJ Trap-A-Holics Trap-A-App.

Known for his mix tapes DJ Trap, brings you his hottest sound drops.

Layer sound FX and Trap...
Lumo... Luminosity!

The easiest and coolest way to add bursts of vibrant color into your photos. Lumo creates stunning retro style pictures by flashing in light leaks and overlaying photo...
✨ Welcome To EmojiWorld. ✨
Build your own EmojiWorld. Choose from one of our amazing backgrounds, or use a photo of your own!

Dont stop there!
✔ Scale
✔ Rotate
Ahhhh.... its HALLOWANG!!!

This falls gnarliest Cat Photo App.
Cat Zombies, Dead Stuff, Scribbles, Weapons, and other disgusting halloween...
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PixelFace turns your life into an old-school videogame.

Just take a photo, then customize it in all sorts of hilariously awesome ways. Hundreds of pixelated facial features, accessories...
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ #WAYCOOLER

"Does for the mind what meat does for the teeth." - Matt Maiellaro, Co-Creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

This app makes EVERYTHING Way Cooler.

★★★★★ Sam Flores' Jungle Fever
In celebrations of 12/12/12 Upper Playground and 99centbrains Presents Sam Flores' Jungle Fever.

Create fantastical works of art, using Sam Flores'...
Chocolate Covered Brain Cells & 99centbrains present the App that you haven't been waiting for…

Patrick Sean Gibson's #BRAINSNAP!


Transform Your Friends into Weirdos,...
DUCO - The word for Shape.
is defined as an area that stands out from the space next to or around it due to a defined or implied boundary, or because of differences of value, color, or texture....
I'ma Hipster was removed
"I got something to catch my ADD no attention span, attention for a second, I hacked and sliced all my photos and painting and made a free sticker app, to drive me crazy and even more...
UpperPlayground and 99centbrains Present StickUP the most awesome hood classic on yo phone'
▲ TЯ∆P$T∆ЯЯ ▲
Trap Music Album Cover Creator

TrapStarr lets you create amazing Trap Music album covers using your photos.

Choose that glamour n glitz to pop your photos off....
Now presenting Westify by Ben Walker a 99centbrains production.


Westify all your images with guns, old timey stuff, and grizzly bears.

1. Take or Choose a Photo!...
From the Makers of Catwang

This app will make you laugh ur face off.

Uses Face detection, so make sure you're wearing one!

1. Snap...
Major Lazer and 99centbrains present Lazergram!
Collage your photos with original Major Lazer artwork!

Master the Universe
+ Scale
+ Rotate
+ Copy

"Uses advanced...
Snoop Lion in association with Upper Playground, 99centbrains and Cashmere Agency Presents the Snoopify mobile app for Instagram. Decorate your photos with never-before-seen graphics of Snoop,...
Neon rainbow laser beams from another dimension are what kristin farr's artwork is all about, and now you can mess around with her magical paintings for free! Add them to your photos or create...
CybrFM lets you compose and create amazing works of Net Art.

+ Paint Backdrops
+ Foto Import with Eraser
+ Drawing
+ Import and Export PNG
+ CybrFM Sticker...
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Laced Up by Fatlace was removed
The internets most lovable grumpy cat comes to your iOS device!

Grumpy Cat photobombs your pics and with awesome captions! Tons of captions, tons of grumpy cats to choose...