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  • Landscape view for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus like the iPads would be awesome!
    Very disappointed I have my new iPhone 6 Plus and my wife has the 6 but sadly other news apps have updated to at least a landscape view but not my favorite tech news app.
    Macinoid over 5 years ago
    I just switched from an iPhone 5s to a 6+ and all of the sudden there are ads. I don't get it every once in a while there will be an add on the page. I looked at the cnet app on the 5s again and there were none. Also it wouldn't hurt to optimize this app for the bigger screened iPhones (6 and 6+).
    mr_gabriel over 5 years ago
  • Good layout but needs an iPhone 6+ version.
    The CNET app really needs to make an iPhone 6+ specific version or, at least, port the iPad version over. ** UPDATE ** Yeah, I'm downgrading this to 1 star. It's a seriously lacking application. Still no iPhone 6 version and it loads very slowly. The article links don't work all the time. Not the content, mind you, just the application. There's no reason to download this and have it take up any storage space on your device. CNET had good content and it's all accessible via The mobile site is quite good; this iOS app, not so much.
    Shacker over 5 years ago
  • Needs save4later feature.
    Awesome news! Love the reviews and videos that keep me informed about new products and tech. I just wish I could save a link for them to an in-app cache for future reference. Thanks for all the great stuff guys!
    Michae/Camp over 5 years ago
  • This is no App: It's a BAD Video Blog- NO JOKE INTENDED.
    I like, but this thing isn't worth good money they're paying these guys that are building it (They're really just constantly patching it!!!) They need to hire a usability expert, ETC., then "FIX IT" by destroying it, and figure out what their Website Users WANT/NEED, Like any Decent Co. Already Does, A group of Usability Experts, and FIRE everybody else who made that "APP"!
    RealisticCritic over 5 years ago

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