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  • Why all the moans ?
    I have just downloaded the App on my iPad, no problems setting up the account and running the programs. Also there was mention that this should be on something similar to Apple TV. Well, I found it on my Samsung smart TV and it's also on Roku. Running it perfectly on Samsung. The content is second to none with much later episodes than are available on Netflix.
    cob10 about 5 years ago
  • Poorly Designed and Poorly Performing App
    09/30/24 Update: Don't know how, but this app has gotten even worse. Just doesn't even work anymore. When I complain to Acorn, they tell me that I should contact Apple and ask Apple to add them to AppleTV. Original Review: Was 95% through a show and Acorn's servers must have crashed. Can't log in on the app (iPad or iPhone) or via Safari. Very annoying. The app itself doesn't work very well when it does work. Badly designed interface. Hard to find your way around. Plus closed captioning doesn't go from the iPad to AppleTV via AirPlay. What's up with that? BTW, why does Apple make it so difficult to write reviews from the iPad? Shouldn't the page scroll up? 08/30/14: Acorn updates their app. Still crashes and still no subtitles. Acorn cust svc said Apple should add them to AppleTV. 07/28/15: Great content… still a lousy app. If you don’t watch a show all of the way through it doesn’t remember where you left off. Should have a resume function. These are British shows… most actors have very heavy accents. It is hard to understand them without CCing. Cling does not stream via ATV. I won’t be renewing my subscription.
    MarkChicagoIL about 5 years ago
  • Really disgruntled soon to be former customer here
    Crappy updates have ruined a great service. App is basically unuseable and customer service no help. Worked without incident for many months but can't log in using either app or web after being forced to change password. Really not happy and looking elsewhere to get entertainment. Rating one star - only because i have to. Thanks for nothing.
    Bettemommy about 5 years ago
  • Stutters, pauses, skips
    First off the app has closed captioning enabled by default, which is okay if you’re deaf. If you’re not deaf, it’s a distraction. Second it has difficulty playing whether you try to play it on the iPhone, or the iPad, or whether you try to use it with Airplay and beam it to the Apple TV. We’ve got a gen 2 Apple TV, and tried to use Airplay with it. The picture paused, then skipped, then started, over and over again. I haven’t tried it at length yet, but I tried bringing up the web site on Safari and using that, and the few minutes I tried were far better than the app in terms of skipping, etc. Save the hassle, and just use the web site and Safari.
    tehart about 5 years ago
  • Excellent *****
    My favorite for poirot and marple! Easy to use and reliable :) have all apple devices and the only issue I ever encountered was that sometimes it would without reason not play an episode from the beginning after previously watching on the iPad only. This did not last long and seemed rectified when I shut down the iPad and updated software. And that was a year ago.
    bergdorf_blonde about 5 years ago

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